This is the most misunderstood, and not one that you would normally associate with heart disease.  We know that there is direct correlation between obesity and chance of cancer, as well as smoking.  Both of these are known corollaries to heart disease as well.  This is not a coincidence.  That is because cancer is the direct result of vascular disease.  The cells of your body are part of you.  But if you decrease the health of your vascular system, they cells can mutate.  They get just enough nutrients to lie in limbo. The accumulations of cellular toxins surrounding the cells have nowhere to go, and the lymph system is overloaded as a result.   Hence the transport of  cancer cells through the lymph system.  Less than optimum health of cells sets up the growth of tumors (most of which are non cancerous).  It is common knowledge that deviant cells occur many times a year in most people.  But the surrounding healthy cells suppress their growth.  Increase the health of all the cells in your body by building a strong vascular system that reaches all your bodies cells. Less carbs, less fat, more water, more exercise (overall strength, cardio, flexibility) etc.

There will never be a pill that cures any disease(except some infectious diseases).  But by increasing vascularity, capillarization, and general health, you can prevent cancer.  We all know deep down that there is going to be some hard work in our lives to get healthy.  Don’t wait until something like being stricken with cancer motivates you to start getting healthy.  Even Lance Armstrong knows this.

But what about the hereditary influence on cancer.  Why does some types of cancers seem to run in genetic the code?  Simple, those are areas that don’t have a genetic predisposition for strong capillary and venous development.  The vascular system is at it’s maximum development when we are young, unless we eat right and exercise enough throughout our adult lives to more networks and capillary development.

What about carcinogens?  Aren’t they what cause cancer?  Actually, cells can vary in how susceptible they are to the carcinogens.  A strong healthy cell is going to be much less likely to be genetically altered by the carcinogen.  Many carcinogens do affect the vascular system though.  Smoking is the easily the most destructive carcinogen, and is well known to cause heart disease as well and lung cancer.  The nicotine and chemicals associated with smoking irritate the lining of blood vessels, making it much easier for calcium and fat to build up along the epithelial cells lining the vessels.  Chemicals, drugs, barbituates all contribute toward cancer, and certainly have a deleterious effect on the health of the vascular system.

If cancer is already diagnosed, do what your doctor says, but also consider this a time to take care of your cardiovascular system, as it’s important role in preventing cancer is just as important when trying to recover.  Get protein, healthy fats from fish, lot’s of fluids less carbs and sugar than usual.  Gentle cardio exercise and a massage program to keep limber is important.   Any inflexibility, especially along the spine, can greatly affect the health of the organs that are enervated by the nerves emanating from the central nervous system .  Simply laying on your back with a massage ball on the side of the spine can identify ( by tensing) any tight areas.  Keeping the pressure on the tight area will release the tension of the muscle after a period of 30-60 seconds.  Do this all along the spine.  Loose muscle let blood and nerves function properly supplying the vital organs.

As a follow-up, some of the latest news is that aspirin is now being considered as effective prevention for cancer.  This makes sense, in that by thinning the blood (The main action of aspirin), it allows more effective blood flow throughout the bodies vascular system.  This is yet another clue that should point towards vascular insufficiency as the ultimate cause of cancer.


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