How is this idea even possible?

Wouldn’t it be cool if everyone was happy, healthy, and took care of each other?  What if hospitals were for treating accident victims , not treating lifelong diseases that seem to have no cure.  What if we used the billions spent on healthcare, and spend millions instead supporting infrastructure that keeps people active and healthy.  But it is possible.  By first working on getting ourselves healthy, we can start to help those around us, which creates a huge ripple effect and can lead to these changes.  It all starts with our cells.  Our cells are what makes us who we are.  The human organism depends on blood to these cells to maintain health.  The heart, arteries, arterioles, capillaries and veins all work together to keep all the cells of all the organs working in concert.  When looking at how the body works on a cellular level, and all the symptoms and results of diseases, you’ll see a pattern.  In a nation where we routinely ignore heart disease unless it results in heart problems, we need to look again at vascular disease.  We might find that what is almost considered a byproduct of aging is actually a cause of all diseases.

The big question is why hasn’t anyone figured this out before?  It seems to be that the forest isn’t seen through the trees.  Perhaps we expect to find a cure, much like polio and other infectious diseases.  Perhaps todays doctors and nurses are overworked with people who don’t take care of themselves (and don’t want to).  Perhaps the medical industry is looking for miracle drugs because that is what people want?  Maybe there is a certain amount of naivety that exists in the medical industry that they are smarter than humans inherit design.  Whatever it is, if we could all agree on some basic info to help motivate people to eat better and get in shape, we wouldn’t have to look for stopgap measures in the busy doctor’s offices.  I believe that most doctors are intimately aware that the more out of shape the patient, the more severe the symptoms.  But common belief in most medicine is that it is a genetic trait or imbalance in the body that must lie at the root of disease.  They are right, but I believe it is in the genetics of a person to have certain areas of their body with less vascularity.  As poor diet and inactivity leads to a decline in vascular health, these areas become a weak point in the bodies overall health.  But by adopting the healthy pointers pointed out in “How to feel the flow” blog, this shouldn’t be a life sentence.  The human being is amazingly strong and can adapt to most situations, given a healthy diet and time to heal and adapt.  In short, medicine seems to be more intent on trying to put a band-aid on the cellular reactions(and caught up in the after-effect of poor blood flow on the cells) that are thought to be the cause of the disease, rather than eliminate the cause of the imbalance in the first place.  Our health system seems to be enabling our addiction to an unhealthy lifestyle, bent on keeping the status quo in place.  But people can’t continue this decline without consequences to future generations.  Health care practitioners need to be encouraging of a healthy lifestyle by talking about it to their patients.

Ask yourself this question.  What causes disease?  When you ask this question in modern medicine, you will have to sit through hours of dissection and research.  In the meantime, they ask that you sit tight and donate to charities that are hard at work “curing” the disease.  The amount of information is staggering and the desire for even more information(especially as it pertains to genetic research and stem cell therapy) never actually gets you to a conclusion.  I am not saying that all of the information is unimportant or wrong, but that seminal moment that denotes when a disease is beginning is not taken into consideration by modern medicine.  Hopefully this website will begin to make sense if you actually want answers.    I think we as a human race have enough problems on our hands without having a health epidemic too.  There is a lot more information to come on this subject.  My main motivation is to inspire people to eat healthier and exercise, but I also feel the need to go deeper into the exact cause of various diseases from a medical standpoint.

I don’t feel that this is a health revolution, nor even a rebellion.  I think alot of our current ideas stay in place.  Only Doctors and hospitals will be here to actually get healthy, and get fixed up from accidents and injuries. Drug companies may look into increasing vascularity in those who can’t exercise yet, as well as increase the digestive systems healthy barrier.

Once this information is published, the idea is to complete medical school and start to advance healthy ideas as THE answer to medical problems.  Why didn’t I go this route to begin with?  When I was still in college starting pre-med, I had none of these ideas formulated.  I was indeed into sports (competitive cycling and running), but the concept of a healthy diet had’t occurred to me yet.  A lengthy and mysterious illness without any usable answers form doctors sent me on my quest.  Yes, doctors can usually find the answer to a medical problem given enough tests and time, but not practical or definitive answers.  I wanted to be able to exercise again and KNOW what was really going on.  Pre-med gave me the basics of the human body, combined with the idea that vascular disease is really at the root cause of most of my problems.  It took many years for me to land on the tenants of preventing vascular disease.  At times it seemed an impossible task, and I lost faith many, many times.  But as I started to work on the project again, I revamped my own health habits, and gained the insight to really feel deep down in my marrow that what I wanted to say was truth.  As the years went on, and I became interested in helping other people gain health, I went back to pre-med studies and saw the concrete links obvious in the puzzle that is human disease.  Even the medical community seems to be gaining a bent on actually getting people healthier, not rely on short sighted science.


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