All Degenerative Diseases are Caused by Vascular Disease

We have always been told to exercise, stay trim, and eat healthy.  But how exactly does this pertain to staying healthy?  The answer lies in the thousands of miles of vascular system branching to every cell in your body.  The human vascular system has been understudied and ignored when researching potential causes of disease.  By simply learning about how the human body works, and what we know about each disease, you too will be convinced that vascular disease is the main culprit in todays diseases.  Degenerative diseases, arthritis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, eczema, etc.  are all caused by vascular disease.  Seems like a radical notion, perhaps? Not really if you think about it.   Vascular disease is already implicated as a symptom of many diseases.  But if you swap cause and effect around, you get a clearer picture of how most diseases are caused (and prevented, and cured).  All I am asking is to consider that heart disease is not the result of other diseases, but the cause.  It is my hope that this blog can change how we look at disease, and that prevention is the real cure .  By dissecting what we know about each disease, and then discussing the effects of atherosclerosis and inadequate capillary density, it is easy to see the connections.   This website is going to be under constant revision to the point where maybe it will be published.  Of course it is my hope that people will become more concerned with their own health and their children’s.  Another benefit is that we could reverse our nations financial problems since it is really up to us to keep ourselves healthy, not a billion dollar government subsidy.

Let’s start with the basics.  Heart disease is really vascular disease of the heart.  The slow loss of blood flow supplying the heart muscle of vital nutrients.  But what happens when one of the hundreds of other arteries in the body become hardened or clogged?  Or if poor eating habits keeps a lot of the arteries and capillaries from fully developing through childhood and early adolescent?  There are 60,000 miles of vascular system in the average human body.  Most of this is made up by a web like network of capillaries that are the real exchange points of oxygen and nutrients into, and waste and carbon dioxide out of every one of the cells in your body.  These capillaries need to be within 7-40 nm of a cell for the cell to live.  As capillary density is reduced, the distances between functioning capillaries is increased.  The result is an exponential decrease in the health of the surrounding cells.  Double the distance means 6 times the number of cells to service.    As these vessels are lost, so are cells.  Dead cells are not out of the ordinary, but large areas of insufficient capillary supply mean an increased risk of tumors (mutated cells have an easier time of growing if they don’t have to compete with healthy cells).  All categorized diseases and their symptoms are a result of this loss of cellular health.  The manner in which is manifests itself is different in every person, resulting in different diseases, symptoms, severity of disease, and ease of recovering.  The human body is remarkably adaptive and can prevent disease, but only if the cells that constitute it are properly nourished with good vascular support.  But we have a lot more in common with one another than is commonly given credit for.  The same “cures” are used for everyone.  Whether bedridden or striving to win set a record for your sport.

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