Digestive Disorders

The digestive tract is where the building blocks for heart disease begin.  As well, if it isn’t in good health, the whole body suffers.  If the digestive tract isn’t properly supplied with health vascular supply, it is going to suffer.  As it suffers, and food isn’t quickly digested and eliminated, the undigested food can create irritations along the digestive tract, allowing it to pass directly into the blood stream.  It is a vicious circle that is the primary contributor of the proteins, fats and toxins that cause the buildup of arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis, and toxins.

Eat what you need, not what you want.  Drink more water.  Eat good proteins, less unhealthy fats, less carbs.  More vegetable fiber and fruit fiber( just watch the carb content).  These are all things that help the digestive tract heal, and don’t overly stress it.  A healthy digestive tract is the beginnings of a health body and mind.   A good l.acidophilus  and l.bifidus supplement helps keep irritating toxins from building up.  Cut down or eliminate alcohol consumption, as it irritates the digestive tract over time.  A small glass of wine(red preferably for heart health) before eating on an empty stomach is best.  Drinking while or after eating keeps the alchohol in the stomach longer, creating more irritation until the food is passed into the small intestine (4 hours if a simple meal, 8 hours if a complex meal).  Cut out gluten for two weeks to see if your digestive tract feels any better.

Keep the muscles along the lower back and hips loose.  Keep the legs strong and flexible.  This helps with blood flow to and from the digestive tract.  Massage of the stomach and digestive tract sounds weird, but may prove to be very helpful to get  things moving in the right direction.  Niacin is going to very helpful for the epithelial cells(the type of cells lining the digestive tract).  Take  up to 100 mg first thing in the morning, so that it can be absorbed on an empty stomach.


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