Autoimmune disorders

The malfunctioning of the bodies own immune system is in a way not a malfunctioning at all.  As we lose vascularity because of dehydration, calcium buildup, too much carbs, not enough exercise, etc.  we also lose tissue health.  As cells and tissue loses this vital blood flow(bringing nutrients and removing toxins), then the cells no longer have their integrity.  Just like dead cells are sloughed off our skin and alimentary tract, the white blood cells and immune system try to remove these weak or dead cells from the tissues.  Not only are their too many weak or dead cells that shouldn’t be their in the first place, but the weakened blood flow to the area also slows or stops the removal, creating an intermittent but never-ending process.  By slowly adopting better eating habits and health habits, though, this effects is greatly lessened and eventually back to healthy level.

Keep in mind that the first sign of blood flow returning to an area is some redness, tenderness and inflammation.  Some of these symptoms are normal and to be expected.  As blood flow stays from a healthy diet, low carbs, more water, good fish oils and some exercise and sun, then the tissue moves beyond inflamed to healthier over time.


2 thoughts on “Autoimmune disorders

  1. You make a lot of good points. Maybe not 100% but I can see what has happened to me and my former vibrant health in a new light. I have always eaten carefully and been active but it did not prevent my autoimmune disease. To look at me, you would expect me to be diabetic and have heart disease but I don’t and I attribute that to my efforts thus far to limit carbs, my love of fresh organic vegetables and “clean” meats and my past exercise habits and active life style. I realize I may drink too much sometimes for the reasons you present: it makes me feel good quickly, easily and cheaply. Oh, and legally! I miss feeling no pain and so good for so much of my life that I thought it would never end. The older you get the more you are exposed to toxins the more worn-out your immune system gets from fighting and the more you have to safeguard your health! I’m working on it……………

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