Hormone Disorders

The endocrine glands are also largely influenced and controlled by proper blood flow.  When the nerves or regulation of the release of hormones is disrupted, then you will most definitely have improper release of hormones.  Many times when a gland isn’t getting enough blood flow, the gland most of the time will simply produce less of the hormone.  But if blood flow is intermittent(such as when dehydrated), the gland may simply stockpile the hormone and release it in large amounts when given a chance.  Constant overproduction of a hormone will result if the hpothalmic-pituitary axis is disrupted (a feedback loop of master hormones that regulate many other glands).  The nerves and by creating healthy capillarization and keeping a steady flow with proper hydration, the hormones fall back into healthy regulation and release.

In many cases the underlying symptoms associated  with a hormonal imbalance are also influenced or caused by vascular disease as well.  In addition, the complex signals carried in the bloodstream by hormones simply won’t get their message across if the bloodstream is reaching its intended cells in sufficient quantity.  Again, remember that even though their maybe many blood vessels surrounding a hormonal gland, it is the thousands of capillaries that ultimately get blood flow to an organ.  In many ways, the overeating that ultimately causes vascular disease can also cause many cases of over-production of hormones.  The glands simply have too much building blocks of a hormone, and responds by producing more.


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