Breast Cancer

The three main dietary changes that affect vascular health are also implicated in Breast Cancer.  Lower fat diet, less carbs, and healthy balance between calcium and Magnesium.  In countries where there is a low fat diet, breast cancer occurrence is much lower than America.  In America, it seems you either get too much calcium from dairy, or dairy substitutes, as well as many women take calcium substitutes to ward off osteoporosis.  Many countries do not push calcium intake on the women.  It makes sense from what we know about calcium’s role in the start of vascular disease to re-evaluate this practice.  Coincidentally, it is the milk producing glands of the breast where the cancer originates.

Cutting back on calcium intake (I recommend Canada’s RDI of 700mg) is not the sure fire ticket to osteoporosis as many people have been told.  The calcium in the bones in not easily lost, it is constantly recycled.  You don’t need to supplement more calcium to build new bone, you must let bone cells into denser, better shapes.  The body has a fine balance system the breaks down bone, and then rebuild it again healthier.  In addition, keep Magnesium intake up to at least half of your calcium intake (for 700 mg of calcium, 350 mg of Magnesium).  See the column on Osteoporosis for more info.


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