What to Expect

So you want to get healthier.  What should you expect if you start with the recommendations in this blog?.  The answers depend on a large number of factors, primarily how healthy you have been your whole life, and how well you stick to the guidelines.  Many changes happen as vessels become healthier, and new vascular connections are made.  Many of us have strengths  and weakness .  Some people eat very healthy, but don’t exercise, or vice versa.  By realizing this and keeping on top of any problem areas in your body, it is relatively easy to get healthy with these guidelines.  Your body is going to go through some changes.    If you are tired, rest.  Try some restorative yoga, especially the inversion poses, or simply lie on you bed with your legs raised above your heart for 10-20 minutes.  Resist plunging into a quart of Ben and Jerry’s when stressed.  After a busy workweek,  use the weekend to recharge, eat light, stretch, get fresh air.   Your daily routine should include a balance of  foods, exercise, stretching, and rest.  Normal stuff.

Hopefully you already have some of the recommendations in your daily routine already.  If not, start with drinking more.  That will give you the energy and blood flow to start the process of bringing blood flow to and from the cells.  Then start with stretching, massage, and light exercise.  Cut back on sugar, carbs and fats, increase protein, green vegetables, add magnesium (malate or chelated)niacin(10mg a day to start, 100mg max).  Then after that add in cardio exercise and strength exercises.


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