New Years Resolution-Deconstructed

After studying cellular respiratory, human anatomy, and the mechanisms of disease, a question popped up in my mind.  What happens if there is not enough blood flow an area of the body?  What if that area was a vital organ?  What if it was only partial occlusion?  What would be the result?  And then it lead the idea that maybe their is another disease that mimics all known diseases.  Vascular disease.  It would certainly lead to the same exact symptoms of known diseases.  It would even fit in with the known preventative modalities (exercise, healthy diet , no smoking) that are known to greatly decrease the incident of known degenerative diseases.

Then, as I explored this idea, I found  a total lack of study on vascular diseases links to other diseases.  It was almost as if the medical community shunned this idea all together. It would be one thing if some studies came back inconclusive, or negative.  But no significant studies.  There is certainly a strong connection between vascular health and overall health.  But the idea that vascular health is THE determinant of disease progression has been ignored.  Bingo!  It makes total sense and is an idea that fits perfectly into all we know about disease.  The medical research is heavily based on the RESULTS of unhealthy cellular activity, and what needs to be done to supplement or erase the consequences RATHER than what needs to be done to restore healthy cellular activity programmed into our DNA.

The coolest thing is that by attacking vascular disease from all angles, you can easily prevent and reverse many health problems on your own.  Start exercising, eat less fat, eat less carbs, drink more water, eat more natural green leafy foods(to prevent calcification of the vascular system), take care of bodily hygiene and the digestive tract (the protective barrier that keeps bacteria and excess undigested food out of the bloodstream).  Sound like a new years resolution doesn’t it?  Well hopefully these ideas can motivate you even more!  Don’t run scared from disease, run towards health (or in my case bike towards health).  Happy New Years!


Questions? Comments? Personal Experiences?

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