How does inherited disorders fit in?

One of the big questions I’ve been getting involves inherited  disorders (different from hereditary disorders like Down’s Syndrome).  Many people accept to live with a disease or ailment because it runs in the family.  There are two main reasons why we inherit these problems.  One is the response of vascular density programmed by the DNA.  The second is the tendency for poor diets to be passed down the family line.  If your parents tend to eat high fat, unhealthy food, it is hard to change later in life.  Thankfully, the reverse is true with healthy families.

The DNA carries with it the ability to differentiate each cell in to exactly what it was meant to do (mainly controlled by the stem cells).  Part of the cells that are masterminded by the DNA are the blood vessels.  When we don’t exercise growing up or eat too much carbs(what kid doesn’t), the body doesn’t have a chance to keep building new blood vessels.  Early vascular development is very important to long-term health and abilities.  But the modern diet for kids is giving them the short end of the stick for the rest of their lives.  They emulate their parents, and if the parents don’t make a concerted effort to keep them healthy(through activities and being a healthy role model themselves), the poor diet choices continue for life.  P.S., thanks mom for making sure I went out and rode my bike every day!

So we are taught bad health?  Yes.  But it is inherited too.  The mastermind that is the DNA also picks and chooses where blood vessels are strongest.  Giving a great diet, lot’s of water and exercise, all blood vessels can grow and branch easily as needed in development.  But how many kids get it perfect?  So defects show up.  Areas where blood vessel development is compromised.   So the conclusion is?  Get cardio exercise, eat healthier, eat a bit less, work on flexibility and strength.  All the usual.  Always work towards a solution, don’t get caught up in the details. Bad knees run in the family?  Work on strengthening the muscles of the entire leg, as well as keeping the muscles loose with massage, yoga and trigger therapy.  Diabetes run in the family?  Get out there and exercise, sweat, balance carbs and water, eat less fat, etc.  The solution for better health is the same for everyone, we just have to target personal problems and weaknesses.   Now get out there and get moving!


Questions? Comments? Personal Experiences?

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