Get fit, get rid of disease?

It seems that by increasing your fitness, you can decrease your chances of most degenerative diseases.  How is this you ask?  Perhaps a closer look at how the bodies vascular system works is important to understand how critical even the smallest blip in vascular health creates a ripple effect that leads to everything from diabetes, to cancer, to arthritis.  The cells of the body need a constant supply of blood nearby to bring needed nutrients and oxygen to the cells, while also removing carbon dioxide and toxins.  This doesn’t necessarily happen naturally.  The vascular system can be compromised as we know, most famously in the vessels supplying the heart.  But every cell in the body needs a healthy supply.  This is vastly overlooked in medicine today.  It is well known already in medicine that every cell in the body needs to be within 6-9 nanometers  of a capillary  to be healthy.  As capillarization is compromised from poor diet, dehydration, and lack of exercise, then the distance becomes greater from capillary to the cells.   At 10-20 nm (nanometers) the cells are seriously compromised, not only from the distance (and resulting slower transit time, extra toxin buildup), but also having to compete with over three times the number of cells per capillary.   At 20-25 nm, the cells die.  The modern diet and lifestyle guarantees that this is happening in nearly everyone to a certain degree.

So what does this have to do with the diseases that have not been linked to vascular disease?  All degenerative diseases have a list of symptoms that usually include a specific organ or gland that is malfunctioning.  A list of accompanying symptoms may of may not be present.  The idea that this malfunctioning organ creates the outlying symptoms is much more clear when thought of simply being affected by the same vascular insufficiency that is creating the original organ to malfunction.

Get a good amount of cardio exercise, drink a good amount of water, limit dietary fat(perhaps supplement with fish oil/omega-3), stretch.  Take care of yourself!  Then help take care of others.


Questions? Comments? Personal Experiences?

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